Can I switch from Direct to Ream Managed or vice versa?


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[Important Note] Due to PCI compliance regulations for credit and debit card processing, we are unable to transfer paid subscribers from Direct to Ream Managed or vice versa. This is to protect the security and privacy of you and your readers.

Thus, here's how can switch from Direct to Ream Managed or vice versa. (here's a comparison of both Direct and Ream Managed).

Note: If you do not have paid subscribers, this switch is significantly easier. If you do have paid subscribers, they will have to manually unsubscribe from your Ream and resubscribe to your new Ream.

Create a New Ream Account with a New Email and Sign Up with the New Payout Method (Direct or Managed)

This is always an option for you as an author. Whether you just started your Ream and want to switch from Direct to Managed or you have had a Ream for years and want to switch to an option that will work better for you.

Here's how to do it:

1. Create a new Ream account with a new email and set up payouts using Ream Managed or Direct.

2. Set up your tiers and publish any stories and content to your Ream.

3. Announce your Ream to your readers! And if you already have paid subscribers on your other Ream, tell them to switch to your new Ream page.

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