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Ream has one simple fee for all our authors, regardless of whether they use Ream Managed or Direct.

That Ream platform fee is 10% of the revenue you earn on Ream, and we use this fee to help fund our operations, pay our server costs, and continue investing in new features for Ream that can help you make more money as an author.

However, there is another set of fees related to payment processing. These fees are nearly identical on every platform you use, but we choose to break them out here to be as transparent as possible.

After payment processing, Direct authors typically keep 80%+ of the revenue they earn on Ream (and sometimes as high as 85%+). Direct authors have direct access and ownership of their Stripe payout account.

The following fees are not charged by Ream directly and instead by banks, credit card companies, and third-party financial technology companies that we partner with to enable you to accept payments from readers directly. The Direct option is available in 46 countries.

For Direct authors the breakdown of these payment processing fees are as follows (and these rates are standard-market rates across most internet platforms):

Card Processing Fees:

2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for every credit card processed on the platform. 1.5% international card processing fee. Full breakdown on Stripe's site here.

*Note above fees may vary based on the country your Stripe account is based in (many countries are cheaper than the U.S. rate).

Recurring Billing Fee:

0.5% recurring billing fee (charged by Stripe to process subscription payments). Here's more on how this fee benefits you as an author.

Currency Conversion Fee:

Currency conversion fees can vary. Stripe charges 1% + the standard Forex market rate. Based on country and specific currency these rates vary but are typically under 2.5%.

Optional Fees:

Stripe Tax charges a 0.5% fee per transaction when Sales Tax or VAT is applied to a transaction when you have Stripe Tax turned on. You can turn on Stripe Tax here. Typically this fee will only be applied on a small percentage of your transactions because of how nexus works.

If you have Chargeback Protection turned on, there is a 0.4% per transaction fee.

Payout Fees:

No payout fees are charged by our providers for Direct authors and there is no payout minimum. There is a 1% fee for instant payouts. Direct authors can get paid out on a daily, weekly, monthly, or manual schedule. You can adjust that here.

And for a list of fees for Managed check out this guide.

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