How KYC Works for Payouts on Ream

For Authors receiving payouts on Ream


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KYC or Know Your Customer regulations are put in place by banks and government authorities to prevent money laundering and other bad actors from engaging in illegal activity.

Before you can receive payouts from Ream, we must validate some of your personal or business information to ensure that we can comply with KYC requirements.

We partner with Stripe to do our KYC at Ream. 

In the process, you may be asked for personal information that Stripe will validate against third-party databases to make sure you are who you say you are.

This information is not publicly available to any reader on Ream, and authors in the direct integration can hide and change their public business information at any time.

Ream Inc does not store any of your sensitive personal data on our servers.

The details verified during KYC depend on your account type (Managed or Direct) and the regulations of the country you are based in.

For more information on what specific information you will need for KYC you can check out our partner Stripe's website.

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