Sales Tax and VAT Collection Fee

For Ream Managed


Last Update 4 个月前

For Ream Managed authors, there is a 0.5% fee applied for every transaction for Sales Tax, VAT, and GST/HST collection. 

This fee is charged by our payment partners to verify the location of your readers so that the correct fees can be charged in excess of your tier price, when applicable.

Thus Sales Tax, VAT, and other associated fees are exclusive on Ream, your readers pay this on top of the list price, maximizing your income and predictability of your subscription revenue as an author. 

With Ream Managed, Ream is liable for Sales Tax and VAT remittance and filing and as a platform takes on the legal and administrative burden of this task. 

This can save individual authors hours of time and headaches and significant costs when tax time comes around.

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