What fees does Ream charge authors?


Last Update 4 months ago

To make Ream as accessible to as many authors as possible, Ream is free to use and get started on for authors. No upfront cost for anything.

Ream takes a 10% fee from all revenue authors generate on the platform. 

All features are available for all of our authors, and we only make money when you do.

Thus, if a reader pays an author $10 on Ream, the platform will take a $1 fee from that transaction to cover our operating costs and reinvest into making Ream a better place for all readers and authors.

In addition to the 10% Ream platform fee, there is an additional payment processing fee charged by credit card companies and issuing banks. This charge varies but is typically 2.9% + $0.30. This charge is standard across all platforms and any place online that accepts debit card, credit card, and other means of virtual payment.

For a full breakdown of payment processing fees check out our guides for authors using Ream Managed and our guide for authors using our Direct to Reader integration.

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