What is Ream working on next? Does Ream have a public roadmap?


Last Update 4 months ago

We're excited to share what we can about new features arriving to the site! 

Unfortunately, we do not have a public roadmap. We're a small team working actively to build the future of Ream with the feedback of our community (that’s all of you!).

As for some big projects we are working on, here’s an idea of areas of the platform that we will be improving or looking to add in the short to medium term (within the next few months to a year):

  • Discovery for authors on Ream so readers can sort and search authors by genre/subgenre
  • Audiobooks and audio serials native to the Ream platform
  • Updates to the scheduler to improve the usability
  • Direct messaging between authors and readers
  • And SO much more…

This is just a tiny peek at what we're working on, and we can’t wait to keep improving the platform for all our incredible authors and readers! It means so much that you have chosen to support us and be a part of this journey in our early days. Thank you!

Have a look at what we've accomplished so far! updates.reamstories.com and


If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

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