What is Ream for authors?

The subscription platform by fiction authors for fiction authors.


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Ream is a place for authors to connect with their readers and monetize their stories through subscriptions. 

Here’s a little peek at what Ream has in store for you and your readers:

  • A social eReader that works across devices for your readers and enables your fans to communicate and connect while enjoying your stories.
  • A publishing scheduler and community management tools that saves you hours each month in operating your subscription.
  • A Facebook-Group-like community that allows you to deliver streamlined updates to your readers.
  • Automatic email updates to readers so they stay in touch with your subscription and keep coming back.
  • A business model designed to win with you. We only make money when you do and charge a simple 10% of your revenue on the platform (in addition to payment processing fees).
  • Offer access to bonus content, travel guides, cookbooks and more (your Ream is your world).
  • Ownership of your reader data (emails) and full control over payments and refunds.
  • Free access to the Ream Author HQ which gives you 50+ hours of videos, podcasts, and even a free book to help you start and grow your subscription.
  • Can sell directly to your readers or set up a Ream Managed account where we handle the VAT and Sales Tax for you at no extra cost (still just our standard 10% fee + payment processing).
  • [LIMITED TIME] Concierge migration team that will help you make the switch from existing subscription platforms.
  • AND so much more…

Think of us as your personal author bookstore where readers get to pay you monthly in exchange for early access to your work, exclusive content, a community of fellow readers, and other benefits you get to decide.

You can scroll below to the "Related Articles" section which has a number of deep dives into common questions we get about Ream. We are so grateful to have you here!

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